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Jaime Pressly DUI Mug Shot: Still Sexy or Startled? (Photo)

Jaime Pressly is now modeling for a DUI mug shot as of Monday night. The beautiful actress of My Name is Earl doesn’t look so gorgeous when she wears no make-up and poses for authorities! However, Pressly’s eyebrows look magnificently manicured. Thank goodness.


California authorities claim that Jaime Pressly was originally stopped for a traffic violation in Santa Monica around 11PM last Wednesday night. However, she was later booked for DUI suspicion. Even though details of her breathalyzer have not been released, Pressly’s DUI mug shot is a pretty good indicator that she has been charged with a DUI.

Lt. Darrell Lowe did confirm that Jaime Pressly was not involved in a traffic collision, but he refused any further details for the media. When a gossip website tried to speak with Pressly’s manager, their emails were not returned. Do you think her manager could be avoiding the press? Surely not!

What do you think of Jaime Pressly and her DUI mug shot? Sexy?

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Photo Source: Jaime Pressly DUI Mug Shot

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