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Jaime Pressly 2011: DUI, Tax Evasion, Divorce

jaime presslyJaime Pressly is kicking off 2011 with a certified s**t storm.

Jaime Pressly is having a very bad week and it is only Tuesday. Pressly, who was one of the stars of the hit show My Name is Earl and had appeared in dozens of movies has been hit with a tax lien from the IRS saying that she is owes more than $637,000 in back taxes. As this news hits so does the news that she has split from her husband of less than two years Simran Singh. All of this comes on the heels of her recent arrest for DUI earlier this month.

Pressly has long been considered one of the sexiest, hottest actresses in Hollywood and her career seems to ebb and flow. She has been in some very big TV shows as well as hit movies like Joe Dirt and Not Another Teen Movie, but she has also had periods where she is involved in much smaller, lower profile projects. Regardless of these ups and downs she has done very well for herself and now the taxman has come calling. The IRS had filed three separate tax liens for the amounts of $260,370, $281,699 and $95,080 for a total of $637,149.

To make matters worse reports are coming in that she has split from her husband Simran Singh. She and the entertainment attorney began dating in early 2009 after Jaime Pressly split with her former longtime lover and father of her son DJ Eric Cubiche. They were married in September of 2009 and it appears that things have come to an end.

All of this comes on the tails of her recent arrest for DUI earlier this month. She had been pulled over for a traffic violation and eventually was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving. She was released on $15,000 bail and will be back in court to face these charges on February 7th.

Sounds like Jaime Pressly better get back to work; it looks like the bills are starting to stack up.

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